yogabirth009…..I am a mother of two children and I attended Tracey’s pre-natal yoga clases during both my pregnancies, and Tracey’s baby massage and post-natal yoga course with my second child. The pre-natal yoga classes were just wonderful as a space and time to connect with my babies, stretch, relax and prepare physically and mentally for the birth and beyond, as well as meet other women and share experiences. I always enjoyed the time Tracey gives during every class to everyone to find out how they are doing. Tracey is very friendly, non-judgemental and caring of both her mothers and their babies. Her enthusiasm for the subject of birth is wonderful and I really felt I learnt a lot from her. The baby massage was a lovely bonding time for my daughter and I in the early weeks, as well as a space for reflection with other mothers. The past-natal yoga was also very gentle and Tracey’s guidance is very reassuring while still in recovery from pregnancy and birth. I thoroughly recommend Tracey’s classes – they are really worth every penny, and Tracey makes the best tasting blackcurrant tea with a welcome chocolate hobnob at the end of every class!…….AS




Arthur…. Before getting pregnant I used to get a lot of lower back pain, I thought this would get worse in pregnancy. However, through attending Tracy’s weekly yoga classes I gained greater awareness of my posture and felt better than ever before! Tracy provides a space in which to ask other Mums advice and a safe and comfortable environment in which to express the ups and downs you might be going through. The yoga is slightly different from week to week which keeps it interesting. Partner work really helped the group to bond and the beautiful relaxation time at the end would leave me feeling calm and confident…….O.H.




yogabirth012….’I practiced yoga with Tracey during each of my two pregnancies. both birth experiences were very different. ‘After a tiring day at work I looked forward to spending time for myself and my baby amongst fellow mums-to-be,  who could empathise with all the ups and downs of pregnancy and provide support and advice in a safe, cosy and relaxing environment.’  The tools and techniques I learnt during class enabled me to cope through the varying stages of labour.  I would recommend Tracey’s class to any mum-to-be regardless of the type of birth she plans to have.’ SJS




…..I attended Yoga Birth classes for the first time with Tracey in the winter of 2008 and it really helped me to understand that labour was not a scary process but a lovely natural experience to bring your baby into the world. I enjoyed the classes so much I attended again in the spring of 2012 when pregnant with my 2nd daughter and really enjoyed having some baby and me time every week….C.B


….Tracey – thank you for everything! The yoga breathing techniques helped me all the way through the labour and I relied on them above everything else. I cant wait to bring Hugo along to a postnatal class and introduce him to everyone…….SB


…..I really enjoyed Tracey’s prenatal yoga, it was a great format which included general advice, meeting other pregnant women so we could share stories, as well as great yoga techniques which really helped with my back problems throughout pregnancy. I would recommend this class, its a great relaxed atmosphere – just what’s needed…….S.K


yogabirth020“I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years, and it felt therefore natural for me to look for ante-natal yoga classes when I became pregnant with Daniel. I was not entirely sure what to expect at the beginning, but pretty rapidely fell under the charm of ante-natal yoga and Tracey’s way of teaching it. Tracey is calm, knowledgeable, friendly and open-minded, making the whole experience even more enjoyable, weather you are a yoga-freak or not. So much so that I came back to her classes when I was expecting Emma.  The classes started with everyone talking about any maternity-related point/issue/experience they had during the week which is a good way to potentially get reassured on the whole pregnancy experience. This was followed by an hour of yoga, which I felt helped me tremendously in many ways: to stay a bit active during pregnancy but more importantly to learn how to stand/sit/lay during pregnancy to help the baby find a good position and later on how to relax, breathe, find the best position and face pain during both of my labours. Both ended up being natural deliveries which, far from being painless, were overall amazing moments. The weekly classes with Tracey also gave me 2 hours of so important “me” time, during which I could switch off from the routine and stress and let Tracey’s voice help me relax completely, to the point of sometimes falling asleep at the end of the class.”